Upcoming seminars

Developmental evaluation is an approach to help us navigate, learn, monitor, and evaluate in complex contexts. As we know, working in complexity is extremely challenging because of the number of elements and actors involved, the ever-evolving context, the unpredictability of actions and their effects, and many other factors. Doing evaluation—which is often likened to taking a snapshot—is very difficult when the subject is constantly moving! Developmental evaluation has been created precisely for such contexts. Come and learn how it works.

The seminar is offered multiple times, so you can find the date that suits you best. The time for all seminars is 17h00 UTC each time. Go to this online meeting planner to find your local time.

These events are facilitated by the Catalysing Change team. Catalysing Change is a full scholarship online learning programme for public sector innovators to strengthen their capacities to work in complex social-ecological systems. We are currently seeking nominations for year two of the programme. You can learn more here. We will close the seminars with a short discussion of the Catalysing Change programme so you can learn more.